February 11, 2014

Is it Monday already? The weekends are going by too fast……My goal is to personally blog each Monday and in between if I feel the need to chat or talk with all of you about something important throughout that time! ūüôā

Today has been full of emotions..but one amazing point: My sister was told by her OB that “this is the best twin pregnancy she has ever seen!” ¬†Thank you Lord! ¬†Two healthy baby _____(s)!!! I can’t tell yet…but I can’t wait to share what they are having! ¬†Whoohoooo bring on all the fun!? ¬†Love me some babies and can’t wait to add two to the family! These are her last two, but ¬†I may just end up having 20 babies of my own…..let me ask Bran about that?!

Anyways…I went to the doctor appointment this am with my sister, Cristin & her husband, Tom….Perfect morning & wonderful news! Babies are doing fabulous and she is doing amazing as well. ¬†I did not get a photo because..well what do you know? When I count on my Iphone..it is always full and I do not have enough storage to take one single image..blahhhh! ¬†But, that is ok! I will do a post later sharing her ultrasound photos to let you know what the sweet little babies are…? ¬†WE SHALL SEE :)))))) ¬†I will keep you posted on their little family!

So, in the meantime..I will be in a bridal show in a few weeks! Super nervous, but extremely excited! ¬†I will also be featured artist of the month at the Chase Tower in March! Yahhhhh :))) I will be displaying about the same images as before {december}…but if you did not get a chance to visit and see it the first time, please do so this time and leave us some love! ¬†THANK YOU! ¬†About the bridal show….did I say I was nervous? ¬†I mean…so nervous. I have no idea why!? ¬†I love brides…I love weddings..I love couples…I love {LOVE}!!!! MMMM…can’t wait to be around tons of people in love and share the day with my best friend…my {love}!

Didn’t mean to go into a #seemtobeperfectstreak….that is not the case at all! ¬†My life is no where near perfect, but I still love it and thank HIM for what he has done for me each day! ¬†You wonder why my subject is [WIDE] [OPEN]?? ¬†Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I can’t open my eyes..I can hear things, but I can’t seem them. Or when I lay in bed at night and I can’t open my eyes…I can hear things, but I can’t seem them. ¬†During the day I want to close my eyes at times, but I can’t. ¬†I can hear everything & I can see everything. ¬†I love when my eyes are closed because I have time to think and just hear my thoughts….the sounds around me. ¬†Other times, my head is filled with thoughts/sounds & even sights that I may or may not want to see. ¬†Not only do I LOVE shooting wide open, but I love to keep my eyes & ears wide open too. ¬†Not to hear the negativity that may surround me at times or the difficult times others or myself may be having {yes i talk to myself & talk about all of my troubles}. But, I love to see ¬†those struggling being led to Christ or those saying something meaningful to the person next to me. ¬†For me though, throughout the day at home..I love to hear my little girl babble and talk..carry her babies and rock them..I love to hear KLove playing and I love to see the bright sun come through the left side of my office window. ¬†I wait for the sun each day as it tries to beat through my curtains. ¬†My eyes have to be WIDE OPEN or I will miss something so small that I maybe won’t get the chance to see again. ¬†Today, I would of missed the sight of a 3D ultrasound at my sister’s doctor appoint or the sight of Cason waving goodbye to Kenli & I through the vehicle window for usually the 3rd time as he walks into school. ¬†My ears are WIDE OPEN ¬†for the chance to hear my husband talk about his day or the strong heartbeats of two beautiful babies growing inside my sister’s belly. ¬†I would miss the sound of Kenli’s babbles or Cason’s “I love you’s.”

[WIDE] [OPEN] is not just for all of the perfect times..to keep trucking on…..keep listening & seeing what needs fixed, who is broken & how to help? ¬†IN life you may get beaten, mistaken, taken for granted or even thrown in the dust….but learning how to be strong & faithful can only push all of that out of your life. ¬†Being faithful and loving to the LORD will keep those problems at a reachable & fixable length..so they are able to be helped & cared for. ¬†If they are out of reach, then something is missing. You hear negativity constantly….complaints & circumstances but do you let them drag you down?? ¬†Ya, you do…well I do anyways. ¬†There is my Monday TRUTH. ¬†I always take things personally. ¬†I try to be a wise human being, a gentle soul, a loving wife & trusting friend…but that doesn’t always make the world go around & skittles fall from the sky!? ¬†You fail..I fail. I can fail miserably. ¬†I do fail miserably. ¬†I still try…I still act kindly. ¬†If I didn’t fail…my life would never change. ¬†If I didn’ t try & fail…my goals would never get bigger. ¬†If I didn’t get back up…my life would be going in reverse. ¬†I can happily say it is moving forward & that strength & triumph is from one person. GOD gives me the strength to push, the strength to act kindly & justly to even those who continue to mistake me. He gives me the courage to push through the dust blowing in my face from circumstances knocking me down. ¬†FAILURE WILL HAPPEN….but you must trust yourself to get up & push forward…try harder…believe. ¬†If my trust in him weakens..my faith does too. This is why I have learned that trusting the LORD is also trusting yourself in a way. I can’t explain how I feel about that…..

Learning to not let every single thing get to you in life is like being surrounded by a bed of roses and sunlight constantly. ¬†It is not possible…..Things get to you…we are human right? ¬†Which leads to knowing we make mistakes, but if we are human in the LORD & we are what we say we are…we FORGIVE. ¬†You not only keep your eyes & ears [WIDE] [OPEN] for the happy times in life, but for the times that make you stronger, better & more open to those around you..more loving. ¬†Being human is failing…making mistakes, but then learning, growing and doing something to feel accomplished. My GOD knows I will make mistakes, but I know I will do the right thing the next time. I know that he knows I will try…I will believe and I will treat my circumstances with perseverance, my enemy with love & my neighbor with a kind heart because that is what he teaches me. ¬†I learn from the best…….

Saying is not doing….actions speak way LOUDER than words! Did you hear me??? ¬†Don’t speak you are this way and show me a side of you unlike your words. ¬†I will speak the same words I am. ¬†I will speak the same actions I do. ¬†I will not fail in this because this would be failing you. ¬†I will fail myself..I will fail at my own goals. I will fail at being a wonderful mom {I can’t be this everyday}. I will fail at showing my husband love each second because I can’t be loving at every perfect second of the day. But, I will not fail my words to YOU. ¬†I will not fail my actions as a Christian..a believer in Christ.

Someone or something may try and make me fail…..but my heart is stronger, YOUR heart is stronger. My words are wiser & my actions speak much louder. ¬†My eyes & ears are [WIDE] [OPEN}……to only love & goodness. To believing…to knowing what is really the most important thing in life. Not to be too picky. Not to set standards that are unreachable…but to be realistic. To know what reality is and try and live it with an open heart, open mind…eyes & ears [WIDE] [OPEN].

This song is one of my absolute favorites…it brings so much joy to my heart and so much emotion. I can literally just listen and hear the goodness all around me…..let this open your eyes & hears today! ¬†Go be inspiring to someone today..maybe to yourself. ¬†Be loving & caring…give someone a hug and tell them how much they mean to you!




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