Wedding Album {perfect keepsake}


July 14, 2014

I remember when I first started the business of being a photographer….I had heard too many friends and others who had been married talk about how they never look at their album or “it just sits on my coffee table.”  Some say they looked at it on their anniversary and maybe one other time.  Some say it was a waste of money, but then others say they absolutely love it and get it all the time to remember their day in a laid out story.  I held on to the words “waste of money” and didn’t want to offer a product my clients would possibly regret purchasing a year after their wedding day.  Through the years, my business has grown and more so than ever I get asked if I offer albums.  Now, I realize I am tired of saying no to these clients.

I think it is time…I love to be creative (perhaps that is why I am a wedding photographer), but adding on the design of albums to my workflow seems like something I would love to do.  So,  I offered a deal to any past couple for a very large discounted album to get this going.  I had multiple emails and was able to get one created for a special bride & groom of mine.  Their wedding day was full of details and love.  After 2 engagement sessions, a 12 hour wedding day, a trash the dress session and coming soon, their anniversary session….I figured they would never regret purchasing the album!!  🙂

I figured I would want to try a few different companies for my albums, but when I received Brian & Ali’s in the mail, I could smell the leather through the box.  Literally I can’t stop smelling it!  Opening up the album was just pure relief and happiness. I adored everything about it.  From cover to binding, it was perfect.  The quality is amazing and I am so happy with the finished product!

We ordered a 12×12 white leather bound book with thick pages.  We did a 20 page spread which worked out perfectly for the design.    I am in love with every page of this and hope they will will get this out for many years to come!

Now…to the design part…..

Don’t get me wrong, albums are tough 🙂 They take time, prep and lots of design creativity to get the perfect page layout.  As a photographer, you will see different from what your clients see, but hopefully they will trust in your design decisions.  Ali made 3 changes to her album and then we were set to order!  Designing these albums and ordering takes about 3-4 weeks.  These amazing products will be added to my 2015 wedding packages starting September 1st! I can’t wait to offer these 12×12 albums along with others 🙂

Thanks so much Brian & Ali for taking a leap of album faith with me 🙂  Can’t wait to share this with you in person!  xo





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