Beautiful Wedding at the Golf Club of Indiana -Steven & Sarah- Zionsville, IN


August 4, 2014

I truly don’t know where to start with this wonderful couple!  A day full of humidity, but no rain ;D  Steven & Sarah are like two people you could be around every second and never stop smiling & having fun.  They understand the meaning of life and love and their relationship is as strong as ever.  One couple who have inspired me along their journey of becoming husband and wife.  I continue to thank GOD for giving me the opportunity to do what I do.  Seeing 2 people celebrate the most important day of their lives and being able to capture images that they will look at 50 years down the road is a complete BLESSING.  More than that, I get to be alongside my very best friend as we both remember why marriage is so important and how each wedding we photograph is just as important as the day we were married.  We are not there just to have fun and eat cake, but to make sure we are clicking at every candid moment we see that should not be forgettable.  We are there to help create a story of their perfect day and we are there to help them relax and not worry but to make memories with their family & friends.  We are there for the big picture to be remembered through all the small moments the day brings.

-But….let’s get back to the beautiful Steven & Sarah and their stunning day-

I have to say hands down this is one of the best wedding days we have been a part of!  The couple and the wedding party were so much fun and the families were beyond wonderful.  Steven & Sarah decided to see each other before, which helped our day feel a bit more smooth.  We were able to have about 25 minutes of intimate photos before the ceremony. This is my favorite time of the day 🙂  After the ceremony, we headed downtown Zionsville for more images with the wedding party and the two of them.  I have to tell you, Steven is the most humble, genuine person I have ever met.  He has a personality that could make anyone have a good time and a heart that is so big.  Sarah is truly timeless. I wish I had her natural look and spirit.  She is easy going with everything and is so sweet.  They both seem to be very lucky in my eyes 🙂

One last thing about this day….I have to brag about the venue for just a minute: The Golf Club of Indiana. First, the set up was elegant, but simple.  The staff was beyond nice and very helpful to Brandon and I.  Let’s just say we ate our dinner in comfy, leather chair and went home with a piece of cake. Not just any cake, but Confectioneiress…MY FAVORITE!!!!!!  Thanks Sarah & Steven 😉

As you can see….a perfect day and a perfect couple! I truly hope I see these two again in the near future!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. DeeeepO!!! Had to 🙂  Mr. & Mrs. Depositar!  You both are truly wonderful and we thank you for allowing us to be a party of your day! Enjoy each minute life brings you both! xo


They pulled it off!  Literally, this was a tight squeeze & the girls could not mess it up! 🙂




Sarah…you are so gorgeous!



A moment Brandon & I had to whisper to each other in the back of the church….out of the number of weddings we have photographed, this is the

FIRST time we have seen a groom put his arm around this bride during the unity candle! A small moment we will never forget 🙂


Always laughing 🙂


This Nova has some meaning: Steven and his father purchased this car when it wasn’t drivable and full of rust.  Back in high school, this was “their thing” after church on Sundays.

Working on the Nova and restoring it was a special time for the two of them and it will be around for a long time.

Steven took Sarah to prom in the Nova and now they drove off in it on their wedding day!


Its joke time and Sarah has heard this joke so many times she finished it before Steven could!

Steven: “I had a dream last night about two mufflers…..

Sarah: “and I woke up exhausted!”

Laughs all around…..maybe you had to be there 😉 It showed their relationship perfectly! Here is the play of images during the joke…..


One last interruption……Best man, Braxston decides this was a great time to cuff the couple.  Steven was literally freaking out!


Cocktail hour at the Golf Club of Indiana




Church: Zionsville Christian Church

Venue: The Cardinal Room at the Golf Club of Indiana

Florist: Sharon Mckee

Cake Artist: Confectioneiress

DJ: Platinum DJ Productions

Hair Stylist Andria Morin

Wedding Dress: Eva’s Bridal of Oak Lawn

Designer: Maggie Sottero

Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

Men’s Tuxes: Louie’s

Linens: Vaso from LGi Linens


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