10 Year Anniversary Session {Dustin + Kattie}


April 28, 2017


I think that hashtag sums up this blog….I will say sorry for the amount of images, but really..I’m NOT sorry.  

A Saturday morning full of laughs, chilly weather and so much awkwardness! Dustin loves the camera so much, he couldn’t contain his excitement 😉  He was so happy as I entered the Fleece Household at 7:59am!  We started in their jammies with some coffee in hand to wake up…we all needed it!   I love a lifestyle session and how much emotion can be captured. Kattie looks gorgeous at all times of the day and owning a gym, Fleece Fitness, she has been photographed before so she was a pro.  Dustin was a bit worried about the in home images and he let me know how incredibly awkward he felt {as we all laughed the entire time}.

We had fun indoors, but I love when two gorgeous people get dolled up for photos and what better way than a white dress + suit and tie!

Celebrating 10 years of marriage….these two are so in love! So thankful they chose me to spend time with them and document the incredible love they share.

Congratulations you two on 10 years and here is to 50 more! 😀



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