These 2 and their little hero {Soon to be a family of 3}


July 7, 2017

Pregnancy + Parenthood…we all have our own stories, our own thoughts, our own trials, our own celebrations, our own miracles and our own heroes.  Every pregnancy is different and every little baby born is perfectly themselves.  As a mommy myself, I know a pregnancy can bring upon many emotions, sickness, struggles, aches + pains, unwanted smells, cravings, the list goes on…..but I also know the 3 beautiful children I have wouldn’t be here if I didn’t go through those struggling 9 months.  Now listen, I know there are a ton of women who have a perfect, simple + easy pregnancy (and I did with my first)….and believe me I was thankful, but there are also women who aren’t always so lucky to have it that easy.  The important part is that as strong as we WOMEN ARE…..the struggles or the simple,  mean nothing as soon as that sweet baby is put into your arms for the very first time!  

Jack + April are two strong parents who are incredibly blessed to be enjoying the road of pregnancy.  I wish I had a GoPro on my camera during this session to let all of you witness the way these two talk about their little hero.  It is amazing how parenthood can make you feel and how you can completely love someone you have never even met with your whole heart.  These two have so much love for this sweet girl and I can’t wait to meet her!!  

As much as I adore Jack + April, I can only imagine how much more I will adore this little girl 😀  




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