Cabo, Mexico Wedding {Jeff + Shelby}


November 24, 2021

Listen….I couldn’t even come close to narrowing it down for this blog post, but I really tried!

When I met Jeff + Shelby a few years ago for their engagement session I was already smitten. Yes, you read that right! I just loved them. I adored their personalities and how outgoing + kind they were. We laughed a ton and we also got down to business with some really romantic images as well. The way they photographed together made me so excited…their love was so pure!

Fast forward to Shelby entertaining me with the thought of going to Cabo to photograph their wedding! Ummmm….yes sign me up! That was my initial thought and then reality set in a bit. Ha! Let’s be honest, I couldn’t just pack up and go…I had 4 kids to find a sitter for during the time Brandon + I would be away and then we had to coordinate Brandon’s work schedule as well. But….yes, of course, count us in! We will do everything in our power to be there!

This was as dream of mine! I would love to travel for weddings and capture couples in amazing locations. It is on my bucket list and slowly but surely I am checking it off! Once the details started coming in, things got serious and it was going to happen! After the delays and lots of chats with Shelby, I was so glad they were the couple to do this with! Planning this wedding during Covid brought on a ton of speed bumps for the two of them with planning, but they were patient + understanding and it all came together perfectly for these two!

Here we go….

We arrived and the resort was beyond what we could have imagined! The Hard Rock in Cabo was perfection. Did I mention it was all inclusive? All the margaritas, ice cream and margaritas you could want!! While enjoying swim up pools, a bathtub on our balcony and amazing views of the ocean!

The wedding day has arrived! The weather was hot, but so beautiful! The light is perfect and there are so many places for photos! I was dying inside!! I got the first wedding day jitters…the excitement and the nerves all at once! I had to make this day the best work I have ever done!

Jeff + Shelby endured the heat with us to be able to capture beautiful images. They were both so patient and amazing! Literally they were drenched with sweat and still smiling! They are every photographer’s dream couple to photograph! We walked around the resort finding all the beautiful spots and then ended out by the water! It was complete perfection.

I can’t say THANK YOU enough to the two of them for trusting us! Thank you for allowing us to be by your side, to be a part of your incredible day! Thank you for being so kind and for treating us like we were part of your family. We appreciate you both more than you know! We love you both and are so HAPPY for you guys!! CONGRATULATIONS all the love to you both!

Give these two all the love and enjoy witnessing their day through these images! I hope you all LOVE them!

*Don’t miss their morning session the day after their wedding! Jeff was super stoked to wake up at 6am! 😀


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