Jack & Ann {Best Friends in Love}


July 29, 2013

A timeless love….these two were all about love & happiness.  Ann is by far the sweetest, most humble bride! She was an absolute doll to work with and completely beautiful. I was able to travel to Chicago for their engagement session which was a “windy blast!”  I learned then how strong the two of them are because of the many circumstances we ran into that evening.  🙂  Their wedding day was  here in Indaianpolis and it was a gorgeous day full of bright sunshine!  A very happy day…

Jack & Ann are like that modern couple who completely understand each other. Their love shows so easily and they are both so genuine to those around them.  The wedding day was so smooth and the reception was a complete blast! Brandon & I are so glad we were able to meet the two of them and capture their perfect day! WE could not of asked for a better 10 hour wedding day….

A wonderful couple with an amazing family!  Thank you both so much for being so loving and happy 🙂  We hope you are enjoying Chicago and we hope to visit in the future!!


Columbia Club



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