Ben & Morgan {Best Friends in Love}


June 28, 2013

This incredibly sweet & gorgeous couple has been such a blessing to me! I love, absolutely love both of them!  They have since moved out of state and are now living in Wisconsin & enjoying their first year of married life…I hope to see them and catch up sometime in the future.

Their wedding day was held at the beautiful Avon Gardens.  The ceremony took place outdoors in front of the water in a circle them. PERFECTION 🙂  It was beyond gorgeous….We had a bit of rain that came in, but nothing that held us back 🙂  The gardens flourishes with all sorts of flowers and greenery, along with arches and benches, water and lilly pads….anything you could think of!  There is so much to want to photograph at this venue!

Shoup’s Country Foods out of Frankfort did an absolute fabulous job on the food, flowers, table arrangements and everything in between.  I could not believe the detail and was just obsessed with everything about this wedding. So chic & vintage..yet so subtle & loving.  Blush pinks and soft pallets of colors made it right down my alley. Having a stunning bride is always a plus 🙂 The groom, well he was pretty good to look at as well!

I THANK Ben & Morgan for the opportunity to allow Brandon & I to be a part of their big day and for making us feel so comfortable and part of the family.  I adore the two of you and I truly hope these photos will make your heart smile!  You both are such an inspiration and such a strong couple that has such a wonderful future ahead!  Please stay in touch and love each other every second! You are a truly unique couple!


Avon Gardens

Shoup’s Country Foods




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  1. Ashley Neu says:

    Morgan, your wedding turned out beautifully indeed. Especially on this blog, seeing all the images together! I always hear about the plans during the makeup trial and wedding day, so I LOVE seeing them come together! You looked beautiful. Can’t wait to share this myself! Love keeping up with you 🙂

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