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January 23, 2014

Surprise…..for those of you who guessed…was anyone right??  Aruba was the surprise vacation and it was complete perfection!

2014-01-16_0005 copy

We ran into a few minor circumstances: bumps in the road: obstacles…we OverCame!

A small word gave us all a few “Freak Out” moments…CANCELLED….but for the most part we stayed calm: enjoyed our 7 hour stay at the airport: loved our 2 hour wait for our hotel van: slept decent in our overnight free hotel: smiled to wake up and finally be on our way to the Final Destination……

Here are just some photos to enjoy of this lovely trip accompanied by two wonderful couples that I love so much! Thank you to Ryan & Steph and Cody & Mal!  A week I will always remember 🙂

Thank you to my wonderful husband for a surprise that made my heart happy.  It wasn’t about getting away from the freezing cold blizzard or soaking up the sun on the beach…it was about the thought: the time it took to plan: the secrets they all kept from me: the smiles on their faces as they held the sign at the airport: the chaos they endured through the week from my children: the fun moments we spent laughing: and the vacation we were all able to go on TOGETHER!  More to come in the future: for sure!

*don’t mind the blurry photo, it was taken with a cell phone and at 3:45am…so I can’t blame the stranger in the Airport that volunteered 🙂


Working close with the only lady that was helpful to us!!!  Maria was amazing and was able to get us on our flight almost 2 days earlier than what we were originally told after the first flight was cancelled!


Our first night in the lovely hotel because of our flight being Cancelled, but hey we were in Miami, FL versus some cold and rainy city on the East Coast!


WE MADE IT :)))))

We all were able to get on a flight to get there Sunday morning. Brandon had to stay back to wait for another flight that night. Although I was very upset…the day went quick and then we all were finally able to go to the beach!

2014-01-16_0003 copy

A pocket point & shoot camera is not the best quality…but you can use your imagination! Picture perfect!

2014-01-16_0004 copy

The photos below were of the ‘Natural Pool’ and it was Ahhmazing! Cody, Mal, and Bran braved the high waves that crashed over the rocks and swam in it for a bit.

The green jeep was our ride up and through the mountains. It was a thrill to say the least!

2014-01-16_0009 copy2014-01-16_0010 copy

We celebrated Cason Joel’s 6th bday while we were there. Pirate style of course being on an island….ARRrrr’ 🙂


First time at the beach together…..Kenli loved to eat the sand and run in the water! As always, Cason enjoyed every second of it!

2014-01-16_0012 copy

We attempted to take a family pic at Baby Beach–it was gorgeous there. The southern most tip of the island.



I have to share this next pic. One evening we went out to dinner and Cason spotted a ‘fun zone’ or large gaming area. We had a blast going against one another on the Basketball shooting game. Bran had the high score with 356, and Cody was a close second with 353 (Bran wanted me to let everyone know Cody did miss his last 8 shots in a row to blow 1st place-HAHA) The pic below was of a game with animals and they were all playing instruments…they were known as the SOOTY show. So for the next few days our family went by the ‘Sooty Band’ :):)



We had such an amazing time and couldn’t have asked for better weather or company. So blessed to have been able to take a trip like this and have my entire family together for memories that will last forever!





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