Brian & Ali


March 3, 2014

A beyond perfect wedding day….this gorgeous, sweet & lovely couple had the wonderful opportunity for Brandon & I to follow them around for 12 -yes twelve- hours on the day of their wedding! And let me tell you…they enjoyed every second of it 😉  From the beginning, meeting Ali at the Zionsville Starbucks…I knew we would love photographing the two of them, but mostly we would love being able to know them from that day forward. Completely blessed to have met the two of them!

Their perfect day was held at the Mavris downtown…and from then on you can tell how fabulous it was -just see the photos-

From the gifts they gave one another to the multiple smiles & laughs we captured throughout the day, they are head over heels for one another!  And let’s not forget to mention how beautiful they both are..BAM! Who does not love to photograph a couple as gorgeous as the two of them?!?

Here it is…the day from beginning to end with all the details in between!  A true love story…..


Her G. Thrapp earrings were to die for!


A little Jimmy Choo never hurt….


Ali opened a 2nd wedding band from Brian…she was in Awe & overjoyed


Simply Gorgeous…


Morning Grooming at Red’s



Brian opened an embroidered handkerchief & an amazing watch –Luminor Panerai–  He was more than excited!


Nothin like a little guitar hero…ROCKn OUT


Her heart is just as beautiful


First Look…Love how he twirls her!


Her lipstick makes me happy :))


Beyond Perfect!


I only wish I could photograph the guy on the left on his wedding day…..




No smashing for the forever couple…..


So simple…but yet my favorite


Two little people catch the garter & bouquet 🙂


So much fun at the reception…..


A little late night Bubbly…Please drink responsibly says Not one Single person in the group 😀




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