Chuck + Rachel


April 25, 2014

I figured since the weather was getting nice, I would remind all of you how beautiful the snow can be…..BUT I am loving the warmer weather 🙂

A sweet, sweet couple….Chuck & Rachel are about the kindest couple I have met.  Their wedding day was cold, snowy & full of love. True, Complete LOVE.  Most weddings, I get a little teary eyed…ok, maybe a LOT, but I will admit this one was a tearjerker for me.  The speeches were spot on perfect and the lovely couple were just beaming with happiness. That alone makes me so happy I cry 🙂  Yep, I guess I am emotional….that is where my passion comes in with photographing weddings and really capturing the true, deep love of every couple.

I thank Rachel & Chuck for a fabulous winter day full of beauty!  I loved every minute of it and I hope the future is beyond perfect.

Enjoy these few images……Leave some love for the happy couple!



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