Carmel Wedding at CoxHall Gardens {Kevin + Cynthia}


December 6, 2014

The day I met these two, I admired their perspective on true love, their thoughts & how they felt about what love really is.  It ignited a flame in me to want to love stronger.  These two are the true meaning of true love.  They were engaged in Mexico, they have 2 rescued dogs, love to workout and the outdoors…but mainly they both place GOD at the center of their hearts & lives.  Their wedding day was full of the most romantic love and I too, felt so much emotion the entire day.  I want to share their words with you about one another….I adore how much love they have for one another.

Cynthia says about Kevin: I love Kevin’s commitment to GOD and his family, his patience, his humor, his work ethic, the open and respectful way we communicate openly with one another, his team mentality with how we pursue our tasks, we share a bit of “OCDness” that only we understand. He is my ROCK in good times and in bad.

Kevin’s words about Cynthia:  I love Cynthia’s compassion and love for our relationship, commitment to our GOD, commitment to our family, intelligence, very understanding, sharing the same qualities & values.  She is my FOREVER!



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