Hiring a photographer you love & trust VS hiring for the price…..


November 20, 2014

Every bride is on a budget, right? Of course they are and they should be or things may get a little out of hand 😀

You go through a list of “To Do’s” and you check them off when they are completed….THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!  Don’t rush that list and definitely don’t just get your list done to do the checking off part.  Take the time to read reviews, ask friends, search the internet & other social media sites.  When you find that perfect photographer, you will fall in love with them, their style & their images!  If you found them via their website, you will know if they are the photographer for you based on the style they portray!  If you love their style then you will be commissioning them to simply “do what they do.” When you meet that photographer, you will immediately feel a sense of trust and assurance.  But, when you send an email and just maybe their packages are out of your budget, you may shy away. You may then be attracted to a different photographer because the price they have to offer is lower,  but you want that photographer to shoot in a different style other than their own. This will end with you being disappointed.  All photographers have a style, poor quality is not a style!

Choose a photographer whose style & images attract you!  Try to shy away from booking someone because of the cheap packages they offer or low cost.

When you love a photographer, you will be full of joy seeing their images.  Like literally, “I can’t live without having this photographer shoot my wedding!” Loving your photographer comes from how comfortable they make you feel or how relaxed you feel when you talk with them.  A photographer should make you feel like a long-time friend and most importantly want to keep you as a long time friend 😀 You will be spending all day with your photographer, you must love them!

Trusting your photographer comes from understanding.  You understanding them and the photographer understanding you & your dreams for your wedding day!  Trust the photographer you see  fits your vision.  And then trust them to do what they do best so they can deliver your vision the way you wanted!

Choose your photographer based on how much you love them & their style…..appreciate their pricing and remember when you are searching: Cheap does not equal quality!


  1. Haley says:

    Thank you for words of encouragement Jennifer! As a bride to be, this is exactly what I needed to read! Your wedding day only comes once and planning can be overwhelming & also expensive, but you get what you pay for 🙂

  2. dilioptim says:

    This website is my breathing in, really fantastic design and perfect subject matter.

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