Avon Gardens Lovely Wedding {Matt + Kayla}


September 13, 2015

Let me first say THANK YOU to this wonderful couple for dealing with me 🙂  They stood by me and trusted me as their photographer to make it through the day of their wedding! Being 39 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby…I must say I didn’t trust myself!  So…these two and their families are pretty amazing.  THANK YOU to all of you!

-And just for the record…I made it through the wedding day, only to go in labor the very next morning at 3am!-

This day was beyond perfect.   A gorgeous day filled with a group of people you who could fill any heart with happiness.  The weather was perfect, the details from this wedding were on spot and the bride’s dress was incredible!  I am truly so happy I was able to meet Matt + Kayla.  They both have such wonderful hearts, two people that care more about everyone else than themselves.  They are like two people you meet and just adore.  I hope to be lifelong friends with the two of them.  Congratulations to you both 😀

The day started with some pampering at Tyler Mason Salon

Trammel BLOG-1Trammel BLOG-2Trammel BLOG-3Trammel BLOG-4

Obsessed with her bouquet and all of the flower arrangements!

Trammel BLOG-5Trammel BLOG-6Trammel BLOG-7

Surprise bracelet from her husband that morning!

Trammel BLOG-8Trammel BLOG-9Trammel BLOG-10

I just love how the girls are trying to get her belt perfectly tied in a bow!  YouTube–>YOU NEVER FAIL!

Trammel BLOG-11Trammel BLOG-12Trammel BLOG-13Trammel BLOG-14Trammel BLOG-15

Avon Gardens at is finest 🙂

Trammel BLOG-16Trammel BLOG-17Trammel BLOG-18Trammel BLOG-19

The tears were immediate with Kayla…and her dad never stopped smiling!

Trammel BLOG-20Trammel BLOG-21Trammel BLOG-22Trammel BLOG-23Trammel BLOG-24

The laughs began in the morning and continued through the evening…..

Trammel BLOG-25Trammel BLOG-26Trammel BLOG-27Trammel BLOG-28Trammel BLOG-29

Trammel BLOG-31Trammel BLOG-32Trammel BLOG-33Trammel BLOG-34Trammel BLOG-35Trammel BLOG-36Trammel BLOG-37Trammel BLOG-38Trammel BLOG-39Trammel BLOG-40Trammel BLOG-41Trammel BLOG-42Trammel BLOG-43Trammel BLOG-44Trammel BLOG-45Trammel BLOG-46Trammel BLOG-47Trammel BLOG-48Trammel BLOG-49Trammel BLOG-50Trammel BLOG-51Trammel BLOG-52Trammel BLOG-53Trammel BLOG-54Trammel BLOG-55Trammel BLOG-56Trammel BLOG-57Trammel BLOG-58Trammel BLOG-59Trammel BLOG-60Trammel BLOG-61Trammel BLOG-62Trammel BLOG-63Trammel BLOG-64Trammel BLOG-65Trammel BLOG-66Trammel BLOG-67Trammel BLOG-68Trammel BLOG-69Trammel BLOG-70Trammel BLOG-71Trammel BLOG-72

I had to share these….so excited and then her face is priceless 🙂

Trammel BLOG-73Trammel BLOG-74Trammel BLOG-75Trammel BLOG-76

A.Vaughn Entertainment!!  Andy enjoying himself and doing what he does best!

Trammel BLOG-77

OH and this guy….my 2nd shooter, my husband……just being his wonderful self!



  1. Rachel says:

    Kayla & Matt are so sweet & these pics capture their happiness. What a great day. So happy they have awesome pictures to cherish forever! Beautiful!

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