Scott Family {Ford turns 1}


July 6, 2020

The Scott family is truly dear to my heart. I have been photographing them since Brian + Ali were married and it is such a joy each time. We decided for a morning session and started in the comfort of their gorgeous home! Isla is the sweetest big sister with such a big heart for Ford. She is so gentle + kind and I love her smile. We played in her beautiful room and I love how free she seemed being in her own space. You can just look at Ford and see how easy going he is. His entire face is perfect and even when he just stares at me it melts my heart. Brian + Ali are two souls that exude kindness and love. They welcome anyone and I am so thankful for choosing me to capture their sweet family year after year. I love this beautiful family! {Enjoy just a few of my favorites} Thankful we chose indoors as the last 20 minutes were outside + I think the heat and humidity had us all falling apart!


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